Thursday, May 20, 2010

straw cups

Anyone else use straw cups with their kids? I heard that sippy cups form bad speech habits (from our speech therapist, guess she should know) so we skipped those...

The straw cups have 4 parts: cup, lid, top part of the straw (that sticks out the top, usually flexible silicone) and a short, hard plastic bottom straw.

The bottom straws keep falling out of the dishwasher basket, so we break them or lose them. I went to buy replacement straws and they were $1 each and they only sell them online so you have to pay shipping too. Not to mention that half of the cups say to use a different straw (they don't carry the right length) and cut it yourself. I thought that was absurd. $1 for a 5" piece of plastic straw I have to cut to length myself!

So... I will say up front I'm a little off...

I did some research into the material that the straws should be made out of (the answer is polypropolene) and I ordered the stuff from a supplier (mcmastercarr). For $11.50 (that includes shipping) I will have 25 feet of the stuff at my door tomorrow. Needless to say if you use straw cups and need some replacement straws just call me. I have plenty.

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